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Challenges for the Commercial Buildings :
Right amount of Air, at Right Temperature entering a zone/space to offset load riquirements.
Energy Saving with Pressure Independent boxes.
Rimote Monitoring & Control via building Management system.
Compact & easy to install V A V Boxes With guaranteed BACNet compatibility.
Factory Callibrated for Minimum & Maximum Flow Range.
And the solution lise with johnson controls - Pioneers in building Efficiency since 1885
Pressure Independent Units having the complete package of velocity sensor, inlet duct sensor, damper with motorized actuator, DDC Controller and Room Thermostet.
All units are factory calibrated, and tested for the load Variations.
Single source responsibility with support for commissioning of VAV Boxes ensuring simplified co-ordination, guaranteed compatibility and hassle- free handing over to the HVAC Contrator.
Johnson Controls VAV Boxes comply in accordance with ARI standard 880-89 & ANSI/ASHRAE/30-1996.
ISO 9001-2000 quality certified.
Globally backed by the largest installation base.

In a variable air volume (VAV) system, the air supply increases as the air conditioning load increases, and the air supply decreases as the load decrease.

VAV systems are the most modern, energy-efficient systems available for comfort air conditioning. VAV systems require less fan capacity than a comparable constant volume system because VAV systems adjust the air supply to correspond to changes in the air conditioning load within the building.The control of air distribution in VAV systems is accomplished
through VAV units which control the amount of supply air to the space in response to the thermostat controlling the temperature of the space.

The VAV boxes provided by us is of Pressure Independent type, complete with a microprocessor DDC controller, damper, damper actuator, cross flow velocity sensor with differential pressure transmitter, thermostat and in-built step down transformer.

The air flow sensor is of a cross configuration located at the inlet of the assembly and shall have multiple pickup points, designed to average the flow across the inlet of the assembly. The air flow sensor shall amplify the sensed air flow signal.

The VAV boxes comprise of a micro processor based BACnet MS/TP DDC controllers, and enable interface for the communication with the third party BACnet based BMS systems.

We can cater to all your requirements right from 200 CFM to 8000CFM

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